Retro gaming in Golang

Back when memory and CPU cycles were a finite resource, creating games required skill on a level that, nowadays, we rarely see. Take a retrospective journey through a modern attempt to write an old-time game using Golang, implementing physics from scratch and saving precious bytes wherever possible.

Featured at: BrumPHP

Why do products fail?

With all the best intentions, software projects often fail. And when they fail, systemic blame can emerge to explain why such a simple plan failed so spectacularly. Explore some common pain points for cross-discipline product teams attempting to work together, and what individuals can do to make a difference.

Featured at: ProductTank (upcoming)

From monolith to microservices: How to avoid the big rewrite

Startups build fast to get to market first, but how does that initial code scale when the product becomes popular? Learn one approach to turning a legacy monolith into a highly scalable collection of microservices using queues and CLI commands, with small, manageable code changes and no downtime.

Logging with lizards [lightning talk]

Nobody likes reading error logs, but everyone worries about missing something important if they ignore them. Take an alliterative journey through one solution that utilises animal-themed slackbots to inject a little fun into alerting, brightening the mood whilst adding genuine value to the human task of triaging emergent critical issues.

Panel events

In addition to talks, I am also available to speak at local tech events as a member of the community.

Previous events: BusinessCloud

Handling exponential growth with Elasticsearch

Please note that as of 2019 I am no longer giving this talk

Explore how a company that has doubled in size every year leveraged Elasticsearch to tackle their growing data ingest needs after reaching breaking point with a traditional DBMS, improving performance by 1,000%.

Featured at: Elastic{ON}, BrumPHP, PHPMiNDS

Articles for Voxpopme

Speeding video-based market research with Watson Natural Language Understanding

Leveraging Elasticsearch for a 1,000% performance boost

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Writing a 2D platform game engine in Golang

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